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Monday – Friday: Rain or Shine 
9:30am – 12.30pm. AM only

    Session 1:      SOLD OUT.          

Session 2:      SOLD OUT.      
         Session 3:      SOLD OUT.               

 Session 4:      SOLD OUT.      

Session 5:      July 25 - July 29     

 Session 6:      August 1 - August 5

AGES 8 – 16

Tennis Fee: $360 per session


The Junior Summer tennis program offers children of all ages and abilities the opportunity to learn solid tennis fundamentals through guided-discovery learning. All levels of play participate in team competitions, singles and doubles round robins. Students will work technique, tactics,  fitness, sportsmanship and much more.

  • 3 hours instruction daily.

  • Low student-coach ratio.

  • Social Distancing policies in place.  

  • Six foot rule at all times.  With 4 players on a court, only ~18% of the entire court is being used.  

  • Lobby is currently closed.

  • Strategy and fundamentals.

  • Games and fun.

  • Team competition making friends and memories that last a lifetime.  

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