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OGTA Pathway 
Improvement - Respect - Commitment 

Coordination and cooperative activities will lead to the development of the basic strokes and fundamentals in a FUN and active environment.  There's always a FUTURE connection to what is being done in the fun exercises.  

These groups work on skill development.  Sending and receiving skills are emphasized.  Lots of rallying and catching as well as volleys and serving.  

These students work on skill development on the 60 foot court to serve, rally, play the net, and score.    Consistency is the main tactic that is emphasized.  

On the 60 foot court, these players work on more advanced skill development and advanced tactics serving, rallying, and playing the net.   Consistency and space are the main tactics emphasized.  

On the regular size court, players learn to rally, serve, play the net, and play points in a singles and doubles format.  Consistency, space, and time are the main tactics emphasized from every area in the court.  

These players continue to work on skill development, however the measurement is more demanding.  Players will work on all the ball controls (distance, direction, height, and speed) with all their shots.

This group tackles the change from the green dot tennis ball to the yellow ball.  We make sure they prepare earlier, make contact at the appropriate height, and continue to practice skill development in all areas.

This group prepares for high school JV or Varsity tennis.  Emphasis is placed on point play.  Singles and doubles tactics, positioning, and shot selection are practiced every day as well as skill development for the first 20 minutes of every clinic.

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