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Point Play

Want a great workout but don’t want to go to the gym? Burn to up to 700 calories in 1 hour?

Point Play works on multiple aspects of your game while incorporating cardio at the same time! Up to 6 players can be on one court and rotate in!

Monday 12:00-1:30

Monday 7:30-9:00PM (Advanced)

Tuesday 8:00-9:30AM & 12:00-1:30 2.0

Wednesday 12:00-1:30

Thursday 8:00-9:30AM & 12:00-1:30

Friday 12:00-1:30

Sunday 9:00-10:30AM

Sunday 10:30-12:00PM

$60 per session of $550/10pack

Click HERE or Book Online to Signup!!

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